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South Street Food + Alcoholic Beverage Vendor

This registration category is limited to RESTAURANTS within the South Street District boundaries serving food & beverages and/or beer/alcohol

ALL FOOD+LIQUOR SET-UP gives you "as much space as you need/desire" (subject to availability and space constraints of the Festival layout).

You may save $100 if you only desire a BASIC SET-UP (includes only one 10'x10' area for vending + one 10'x10' required drinking corral space).  Please email Mark at for discount code for this set-up. 

(Any space rental does not include tent)


Vending Name:
How you wish to be listed for the PUBLIC on our map
Do you have a desired placement (near someone/somewhere or not near someone/somewhere)? NOTE: placement requests are not guaranteed
Space Requirements
Only basic 10x10 selling space + required 10x10 drining corral ($100 discount)
10'x20' selling space + required 10x10 drinking corral
10'x30' selling space + required 10x10 drinking corral
Maximum selling + drinking corral space needed (please advise Fest Mgt of your needs)
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