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(needed for PLCB)
Access the street closure permits here: COMING SOON


Please be patient ... some forms take 40 seconds to upload after you've clicked the hyperlink

Step 1) Fill out the Temporary Food Service Application to get approval from the Health Department to handle food outside of your approved/licensed kitchen.  This includes service from any restaurant windor areas.   TFSA FORM

Step 2) Download the "cheat sheet" for help completing the Temporary Food Service Application HERE

Step 3) Download, review and familiarize yourself with the Health Department's GUIDELINES for safe outdoor food handling

Step 4) Pay your filing fee** for this application HERE ($55 by August 21 / $125 with late fees automatically assessed by Health Dept. from August 22 to final deadline of August 30 - 12:00P)

Step 5) Return your completed and signed TFSA paperwork to Specialty Productions at by 8/21 (to qualify for the on-time charge**) OR by 8/30 12:00PM as FINAL DEADELINE (with late charges).

**TFSA paperwork submitted after 8/21 (even if the processing fee was paid on time) will be considered late and subject to $70 late fee for processing to Health Department.

Step 6) Once you receive your License Eligibility Report ("LER") from the Heath Department, you are then eligible to get the required Food License for outdoor food sales - #3112 ($165) 
NOTE: Your regular restaurant license does not cover you for outdoor food sales.   Download and fill in 3112 License Application HERE
WARE: No license shall be issued or renewed if the licensee is delinquent in the filing or payment of City Taxes

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