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Below you will find the most
common rental items available.

If there is anything else you'd like to rent, or you have a question about rentals,
please contact Mark at to inquire.

Rental Deadline: Sunday, May 22

Please note that a 19% "Sales Tax" calculation will be added to rental orders to cover sales tax (8%), loss/damage waiver (3%), delivery & set up labor (5%) and credit card processing fees (3%)




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    Items Remaining:5
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    bare wooden top / requires tablecloth (not included)

    Items Remaining:6
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    30" around x 30" tall pedestal
    bare top / requires tablecloth (not included)


    Items Remaining:23
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    Items Remaining:2
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    This is the thermal unit only.
    Restaurants will be responsible for supplying SEPARATELY (on their own):
    - liquid soap
    - paper towels
    - 5 gallon waste-water bucket to collect dirty running water
    - trash can/box next to hand-washing unit
    - table to place hand-washing unit on (does not require a separate table / may be set at the end of a prep table)


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