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Below you will find the most commonly needed forms and information for Old City Fest Participants




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... some forms take nearly a minute to upload after you've clicked the hyperlink

Fill out the Temporary Food Service Application to get approval from the Health Department to handle food outside of your approved/licensed kitchen.  This includes service from any restaurant windor areas.   TFSA FORM  << This is a fillable PDF form that you can save to email to us

PLEASE BE AWARE: No TFSA will be processed if your establishment does not have a current Health Department inspection (within the last 14 months).  Submission fees cannot be refunded, so please be certain that your inspection is up to date or schedule a current Health Department inspection at least 2 weeks before the event.

TO DO: Download the "How To" Guide for help completing the Temporary Food Service Application HERE

HELPFUL TIP: Download, review and familiarize yourself with the Health Department's GUIDELINES for safe outdoor food handling

TO DO: Pay your filing fee** for this application HERE  (pay and submit with on-time fee by September 19 and with late fee from Sept 9-29)

TO DO:  Return your completed and signed TFSA paperwork to with on-time fee by 9/19
and with late fee from Sept 20-29 (FINAL DEADLINE)**TFSA paperwork submitted after 9/20 (even if the processing fee was paid on time) will be considered late and subject to $70 late fee.

TO DO: Once you receive your License Eligibility Report ("LER") from the Heath Department [estimated on/about October 1], you are then eligible to get the required Food License for event-based food sales - #3112 ($165)
NOTE: Your regular restaurant license does not cover you for outdoor food sales.   Download and fill in 3112 License Application HERE
WARE: No license shall be issued or renewed if the licensee is delinquent in the filing or payment of City Taxes

TO DO: PLCB will ask you for the Festival Street Closure Permits (COMING SOON)
TO DO: PLCB will ask you for a map showing your "catered event space."  Email and we will sent that to you.

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