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2023 South Street Fest

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How To Participate in the 9th Annual
South Street Fest
Saturday, May 6, 2023
11:00A - 7:00P
South Street Fest is an all-weather event

Retailers and For-Profit Businesses:           Steps 1, 2 and 5
Non-profit and Service Organizations:        Steps 1 and 2
Food Sales (but no liquor,wine or beer):         Steps 1, 2, 3 and 5
Food AND Liquor Sales (beer/wine/alcohol): Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5



1)  Space Rental - Apply for space rental within the Festival boundaries (South Street between 2nd & 8th Streets and 2nd Street between Lombard and South).

We offer application opportunities for both South Street Businesses and NON-South Street Businesses --
please select the correct category when applying or your application will be denied


  • Apply by clicking on the SOUTH STREET FEST APPLICATION LINK at the left side
    • DEADLINE: April 14 (subject to space availability)
  • Preference is given to South Street businesses for the space adjacent to their own brick and mortar business
  • Preference is given by date application is received
  • Vendors will be required to operate during the minimum time frame:
    • 11:00A - 7:00P   Food & Beverage Vendors
    • 11:00A - 6:00P   Retail Sales / Crafter / Artisan
    • 11:00A - 6:00P   Family Zone / Non-Profit and Service Organizations
  • South Street Headhouse District reserves the right to reject any application and also the right to assign space allocation, quantity of space and placement at its sole discretion
  • There is also an option to reserve additional contiguous space in the Apply section
  • All approved applications are final / no refunds* (*unless Festival is canceled or your application is not approved).  South Street Fest is an all-weather event.
  • By your application submission, vendor agrees to the following terms and conditions:
  • No electrical power is available on the street.  Any generators used must be muffled/blimped and all electrical cords must be secured and covered
  • All vendors will be subject to the District's load-in/load-out schedule and regulations
  • By applying, vendor agrees to assume all responsibility for items brought to the South Street Fest
  • Vendors are required to leave their area 'broom clean' or be subject to a minimum clean-up fee of $50 (maximum $500)
  • By applying, vendors agree to assume all individual liability and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the South Street Headhouse District and SpecialtyUSA, LLC from and against all claims.
  • Festival Management shall have the full power to suspend individual operations and enforce regulations and shall have the power to amend and/or make additional regulations as shall be considered necessary for the proper and orderly conduct of the Festival.
  • South Street Fest is an all-weather event.  Refunds will not be granted unless the Fest is cancelled.


2) Tent & Equipment Rental

  • South Street Fest requires that all participants have a tent (either rented through Festival Productions or self-installed)
    • No “table only” spaces will be permitted
    • Participants may supply their own top quality self-installed tent
  • There will be one master rental vendor for the festival
    • Rentals items can be found and ordered on the RENTAL ITEMS LINK at the left side
    • DEADLINE: April 21 (subject to availability)


3)  Food & Beverage Sales – any and all food, drinks, water, alcohol/beer, ice cream, candy, prepared and/or packaged foods / If it goes in the mouth is is considered 'food' by Health Department jurisdiction - even if in a sealed package

  • Fill out Special Event Temporary Food Service Application from Health Department
    • Both the Application and step-by-step instructions to assist you with filling out this form can be found in the FORMS LINK at the left side
      • DEADLINE: Pay and submit by April 6 (on-time production deadline)
      • FINAL DEADLINE: Pay and submit by April 14 (with production late fees)
      • You can pay for your form online here under the SOUTH STREET FEST APPLICATION LINK at the left side.
      • Submit completed paperwork to  Application fees are FINAL / NON-REFUNDABLE even if not approved by the Health Department.
  • Once eligibility clearance is received by Health Dept., you have 30 days to procure your outdoor vending license (see #5)


4)  Liquor Sales - It is recommended that you apply to PLCB for an Off-Premise Catering License so that your liquor license can travel to the Festival footprint.

  • If your establishment is on the festival footprint, you may opt to arrange for an extension of premises license for the day.
  • Any vendor that sells an item under the jurisdiction of the PLCB (alcohol, wine, beer) must also set aside a 'drinking corral' for patrons to enjoy their adult beverages.  You may use your own items to designate this corral or you may RENT bike rack barricade from the RENTALS LINK.

5)  License & Inspection (L & I)

  • All businesses must first have a Commercial Activity License (formerly Business Privilege License)
  • Contact L&I if you are not already a licensed business within the City
    • Food & Beverage participants will be required to purchase a special License Application for outdoor food sales: “3112 Food Establishment (Retail, Non-Perm.)” once you have been notified by the Health Department that you have been cleared to get this license (you will be sent a “LER” – License Eligibility Report – from Health before you can purchase this license).
    • See FORMS LINK at the left side for a link to this license application
    • Return form directly to L&I as noted on the application
    • You may also procure and pay via the City's eCLIPSE System
    • L&I will take a business check with this application
  • You have 30 days to secure this license from the date of your License Eligibility Report (LER)


If you need assitance or have any questions, please reach out to


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